4 ways to predict Roulette numbers

Are you looking for a suitable method to predict the outcome of a Roulette game? You have landed at the right place. In this writeup, we discover how the Roulette game can be played more profitably by applying predicting the winning numbers.

As such, the Roulette game is mostly dependent on luck and chance. In spite of this fact, players have been intrigued by the patterns of outcomes in the Roulette games. They are basically two types of predictor methods that can be applied to predict the outputs of the wheel game namely, statistical analysis or through visual predictive methods.

Types of predictive methods for determining the winning Roulette numbers

All along the game’s history Roulette enthusiasts have been trying to find a method to predict the Roulette numbers. Some observations have indicated that Roulette skill could also contribute to the success at Roulette along with the luck factor.

The below methods are available as the ways of predicting Roulette numbers skilfully.

  1. Dealer Signatures.
  2. Visual prediction.
  3. Pocket computers.
  4. Predicting using biased wheels.

Dealer Signatures

Are the resulting Roulette numbers associated with the game’s dealers? Can the players find out how certain dealers hit specific sections of the wheel and thereby take advantage of such knowledge?

It is observed that the Roulette dealers have specific signatures, which means they can hit certain wheel sections frequently compared to other players. Some of them have been found to favour odd numbers over even numbers. Finding out the signature of a particular dealer can be used to get an edge in the game theoretically. However, the implementation of this method has some practical difficulties.

Tips for using this method

  1. Familiarize with the layout of numbers on the wheel.
  2. Observe at least five spins to determine if a dealer has a signature.
  3. Bet all numbers in the range of pockets.

Visual Prediction

This method of predicting the Roulette numbers involves players analysing the spin of the ball in relation to the spin of the wheel. The method will require that the players know approximately how many bounces the ball takes from pocket to pocket and the direction of such bounces.

Based on this information players can predict the numbers in the section, where the ball is likely to land.

Using pocket computers for predicting the Roulette numbers

This method of prediction of Roulette numbers is outright illegal and those caught using this method can be penalized. However, as a matter of knowledge, a Roulette computer is a tool used to predict the winning Roulette numbers by calculating the speed of the ball at the end of the track.

The method is based on the idea that the ball’s speed at the end of the track is almost the same every time. The tool analyses the angle at which the ball descends to predict the pocket in which the ball will most probably land.

Biased Wheels based prediction

This method of prediction relies on the fact that there are biased wheels showing up a specific number or series of numbers more commonly than others. This predictive method was popular in the days of mechanical wheel Roulette games. Only a few select sets of wheels are suitable for prediction.

However, with online casinos, this method has fallen into disuse as there are no more mechanical wheels.

Physics related to the Roulette games

There are some deterministic methods of prediction in Roulette, which takes the physics part of the Roulette game. They can be applied for a certain set of circumstances and includes the factors such as Release point, Initial Ball speed, Gravity, Initial Wheel Speed and Bounce coefficient i.e. the number of times the ball bounces before falling into a pocket.

The fall of the Roulette game also tends to be regularly, a few minor variations apart. However, the event of the ball hitting the bumpers can change all the predictions upside down.

Apart from the prediction of Roulette numbers the other aspects that contribute to the profitable Roulette gameplay is the familiarity of the types of roulette bets. But at the end of the day, Roulette is a game of sheer chance and there are no methods which predict the Roulette numbers with 100% accuracy.


Name: 4 ways to predict Roulette numbers
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 29/04/2019
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