Everything you need to know about 3D Roulette

Live Roulette, being one of the most preferred and recognised table games in the online casinos, is based on luck and chance, suiting all kinds of players. This game offers the players with interesting game variants accompanied by exuberant bonuses and promotions. Live Roulette can be accessed by the players on the go, anywhere, anytime, instantly with just a few clicks of a button.

Hence, there is no need for the players to leave their homes in order to try and explore the various Live Roulette games. They can simply take a seat at one of the many virtual roulette tables, available online or in any of the top mobile casinos. Besides these, there are reputed online casinos which are completely mobile-friendly allowing the players to engage in their favourite live dealer games via their smartphone, iPhone and iPad instantly.

Well, most of the Live Roulette fans, choose to play the 3D variations of the game since it offers crystal-clear graphics and impressive sound effects thus providing the players with a genuine brick and mortar casino experience. Apart from the 3D variations of the game, there are other special features which further add to the convenience of players.


What Does 3D Roulette Consist of?

Typically, the 3D versions of this game feature the standard single-zero wheel used in the French and European Roulette variations. However, the wheels of the 3D American Roulette variants have an additional double-zero pocket. It is important to note that the house edge in double-zero roulette is considerably higher at 5.26% as opposed to that in single-zero roulette which stands at 2.70%.

One of the highlights of 3D Roulette is that it features an intuitive interface which is extremely user-friendly and versatile. Before you sign up to play in a virtual 3D roulette table, you need to be acquainted with the betting options and their respective payouts. For instance, the outside bets in Roulette have higher chances of winning but you can collect only trifling amounts of money with them. Inside bets, on the other hand, have smaller chances of winning but boast substantial payouts.

Playing 3D roulette online is super-easy as it follows the same rules as the game played in land-based casinos. The only difference lies in the visual representation as the graphics and sound effects are very realistic.

To get started with the game, all you need to do is deposit funds into your casino account, load the game and choose your preferred chips denomination. To place your bet, you can click on the corresponding betting box on the table layout. You can bet on individual numbers or on combinations of numbers. All 3D variants of Roulette offer comprehensive Help sections where you can find updates and information about the payouts and the rules if you happen to experience any difficulties. After you have placed your bet in the corresponding betting box, you need to click on the ‘Spin’ button. The ball will eventually slow down and come to rest in one of the pockets. If you win with your bet, the money will be credited to your casino account immediately. If you lose, the sum you have put on stake will be forfeited from your balance.

Important Features of 3D Roulette

3D Roulette offers the players with sophisticated graphics and gameplay features. With 3D Roulette, you can experience playing on a 3D table with a 3D wheel and a 3D ball. When compared to 2D Roulette with 3D Roulette, 2D Roulette variations lack in visual depth as everything is flat and two-dimensional.

The 3D roulette variations are developed by prominent software gaming providers like Microgaming, Playtech and BetSoft, who develop games with realistic visuals, smooth gameplay and improved features. The Players often observe in the game of Roulette that the Roulette ball reacts better when it bounces on the wheel and settles into a pocket. The metal sections of the wheel reflect the shining lights of the virtual casino and even gleam as if they had been polished before they joined the table.

Additionally, the sound effects when the Roulette ball is in motion is also more authentic and realistic. You can even hear the voice of the live dealer urging you to make a bet or announcing the winning numbers. Typically, soothing jazzy music is played in the background.

Most of the 3D variants of roulette allow players to place call bets, such as Orphelins, Voisins du Zero and Tiers du Cylindre. However, it is essential that they switch to ‘Expert’ mode to make such wagers. They can place the same bet multiple times in a row by clicking on a button that says either ‘Rebet” or ‘Repeat Bet’, depending on the 3D roulette variation they choose to play.

Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that most 3D Roulette variants have higher table limits but it all depends on the online casino you decide to sign up with.


Name: Everything you need to know about 3D Roulette
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 08/03/2019
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