Gambling Beliefs And Superstitions: A Must Read!

Gamblers are believed to be the most superstitious people on the planet. Superstitions will always be associated with gambling. They are inseparable ideals in the gaming industry. Whether it is carrying a lucky charm or performing some sort of ritual before or during their gambling sessions, their beliefs manifest in different forms. Some players get attached to physical objects or routines; others, however, stick to certain numbers or colors when playing in land-based or online casinos. Most have their own private lucky symbols such as a piece of clothing, a color, or a lucky charm. Keep reading as we unfold the most common gambling beliefs and superstitions:


1. Blowing the dice

One of the most common gambling superstitions is that you need to blow on the dice before rolling. That gesture is believed to improve your luck.

2. Colour matters

Another popular superstition is that gamblers often wear red color to increase their winning potential. They believe that red is the color of prosperity and wearing it might bring them good luck. There are casinos that have red painted walls as well.

3. Fingers crossed!

Well, that is a superstition that we see and follow in our everyday life. Gamblers often cross fingers while playing at the casino. It is believed that crossing fingers would bring good luck to their table. But crossing legs while playing is considered to be crossing out your good luck!

4. Lucky charms

Lucky rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clovers and horseshoes are some of the popular lucky charms of the gambling world. While many gamblers have a personal lucky charm that they bring with them at every game. Oranges are the fruits of good luck and prosperity. Many gamblers eat oranges for this reason.

5. Number game

Number 13 is considered as unlucky according to the gambling world while number 4 is the most famous unlucky number in China. Number 7 and Number 8 in China is considered as a safe bet as it sounds like prosperity.

6. Don’t count on money

This is another superstition that counting your money before the game will lend you in trouble. Not only it is considered bad luck, but some gamblers also find it insensitive, unprofessional and rude. It also falls in line with the wider superstition that pride comes before a fall. So, wait until you have finished your game.

7. Pregnant women are lucky

In the Philippines, if there is a pregnant woman in the casino, she is considered to be the epitome of good energy. Some of the beliefs say that rubbing the pregnant woman’s belly will drive away all the negativity and will bring them good luck. It is also believed that a woman is lucky if she is having her periods while gambling.

8. Itchy hands

At some parts of the world, it is believed that if your right hand is itchy, you will be giving all your money back and likewise, if your left hand is itchy, you are about to get lucky. So gamblers, take care of your hard-earned money.

9. Several other beliefs

There are several other superstitions that gamblers believe bring them bad luck such as lending money to other players, whistling during the game, playing on a new and polished table, turning the chair around, sitting near a dog, and entering the casino through the main entrance. One specific superstitious action present in Malta is hiding your lottery tickets so as to avoid the curse of the evil eye whereas, sitting on your handkerchief while gambling is considered as good luck.

The world is diverse and filled with different beliefs set by different people. Whether you believe in these superstitions or have any specific lucky charm, as long as you are topping up your bankroll and having fun, it’s absolutely fine. Hope you enjoyed going through various beliefs and myths.


Name: Gambling Beliefs And Superstitions: A Must Read!
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 08/08/2019
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