How does Live Roulette chat work?

Live Roulette has been a popular offering from online casino operators delivering the most authentic and realistic casino gaming experience. Advancements in video streaming and related technologies have made it possible for immersive gameplay.

There are a number of factors such as fairness, real human dealers and social interaction that sets the Live Roulette offering apart.

Live Chat with Live Roulette

Some of the Live Casinos offering Live Roulette games also feature the audio chat functionality. This Roulette Chat feature allows the players to interact with live dealers during gameplay. The same function can also be used to chat with fellow players at the tables.

This option of mutual communication adds a social element to the gaming atmosphere making it more enduring.

Things to know about Roulette Chat

Roulette chat at the Live Casinos is made available through the playing interface for players. Here, as a player, you can type in comments, questions or complaints into a box or separate window. These messages pop up on the dealers’ display screen, against each player’s name, helping the dealers keep track of the conversations. The dealer replies verbally to the messages using a microphone.

The generic play tables are found to have a higher throughput of players making it difficult for them to engage with the dealer. However, while playing longer sessions of games, it is possible to build a relationship with the dealer.

Best ways to engage in Roulette Chat

  1. Dedicated tables at Casinos – The casinos are known to offer Live tables of Roulette, where it is most probable to find a regular dealer. These dealers are specially trained on the brand and are more engaging with players.
  2. Sports and other themed tables – For the gamers who fancy visiting sports and themed tables, the casinos offer much more features than the basic game. They include the opportunity to debate the latest trends in the sport.
  3. Native Language tables – While English is the default at the Live Casino tables there are plenty of native language tables to cater to players from diverse linguistic backgrounds. These tables are more like a private club where the activity is normally upbeat, and the dealers are engaged with the players.
  4. Salon Prive tables – These tables offer a personal playing experience where players would be playing one on one with the dealer. Players at the Salon Prive tables have the option to request dealers to stay on even after their slots.
  5. Presenter Led Games – The presenter-led games such as Live lightning Roulette are very inclusive games, where the players are expected to be witty to hold the dealers’ attention.

Things to follow while using Roulette Chat

  1. Please be polite and reply with a ‘Hello’ when greeted at a Live Casino table.
  2. Behave as though the dealer is along with you in the same room and do not blame the spin of the ball in Live Roulette. Dealers are trained to conduct games in a fair way and normally they do not deviate from the standard rules.
  3. Make sure that you do not share any personal information such as true name, address, email id or telephone number as it might be possible for other players to see such information.
  4. Stick to the gaming action and do not talk on inappropriate topics.
  5. Respect the dealers and accept the fact that dealers are also likely to make mistakes as humans.
  6. Remember to use the mixed mode playing interface as much as possible as it provides the history of past communication.
  7. Manners are the most valued aspect of a conversation and they cost nothing. So use simple communication to lift the mood of the game.

Things to avoid in Roulette chat

  1. Do not be rude to the dealers and behave cordially as they are only doing their job.
  2. Do not think that the live chat feature can be used for dating and make such moves.
  3. Do not be too serious and share a joke or two to lighten up the gaming atmosphere.
  4. Avoid asking any personal questions to the live dealers.


Name: How does Live Roulette chat work?
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 15/04/2019
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