How Online Casinos are attracting to Women?

Many years ago, brick and mortar casinos were the only available casinos in the UK and most gamblers were men. However, online casinos have made it possible for both male and female players to engage in gambling activity every day. With the advancement in technology, gamblers can place bets on Live Roulette games anywhere, any time.

Nevertheless, most gamblers in the top Live Roulette casinos are men. Keep reading to know how online casinos appeal to more female gamblers.

How Online Casinos are attracting to Women?

Gamblers’ profiles

Gambling is popular among both genders in the UK. Researchers have estimated that an average man engaged in gambling spends around 14 months in casinos, while the average women playing games of chance spends around 21 months in her lifetime gambling. According to the report by the UK Gambling Commission, 53% of UK men and 44% of UK women gamble at least once a month.

Male players tend to play more aggressively while female players are more sensitive to gambling. Rather than using the money to keep playing, 72.3% women cash in big winnings as compared to 61% of men. Also, the things that motivate men and women to gamble are different. Risk and competition are the driving force among men, while casinos for women provide an opportunity to cooperate and socialise.

Females enjoy a more relaxed environment where they can explore the world, solve issues, talk and so forth. This is also one of the reasons for the incredible success of online casinos. Women enjoy blending their gaming needs with their social needs, and online casino games are very good at filling that niche.

Anonymity at online casinos

In the past, most gamblers were men and most amazing stories of massive wins and casino cheats were all about men. With online casinos, more women began to take part in gambling. It doesn’t matter whether you are a male or female player in online casinos. Just like men, women love to get away from daily troubles and online gambling is a popular pastime among both. Long gone are the days when only men enjoyed making wagers on casino games.

Anonymity plays a major role in online gambling. On the internet, no one wants to know your identity. Even if you win a bonus or hit a jackpot, you may choose to remain nothing but a username.

Boost your female audiences

There are a couple of ways to boost female audiences in online casinos. To accomplish this, casinos must take into consideration their gambling methods, interests, techniques and their general attitude towards online gambling.

In order to attract even more women, casino operators can:

  • Integrate casino games with live male dealers;
  • Add more themes to their games, such as cute animals or characters from the TV series popular among women;
  • Offer Live Roulette bonuses and rewards to women while registering.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that women are drawn more to certain casino games. They appear to enjoy slots, Roulette, Blackjack and other games equally well. Casinos can design slot games by keeping the female players in mind. When it comes to online gambling, female players tend to choose one site to be loyal to. As they become comfortable with gaming, they may focus on one or two gaming sites. Casinos can offer extra benefits and services to these loyal players.

These days women are spending more and more time gambling in online casinos, and the most courageous of them visit the traditional ones. So, casino operators should target women audiences as well and know the various games that are popular among female players.

Will women continue to succeed in the online gambling industry?

The number of successful female players in the gambling industry reveals a trend that isn’t likely to go away soon. As gambling becomes a more accepted female hobby, women will learn more and teach each other. Female players can become more optimistic with playing all sorts of games and become more optimistic about their odds of winning.


Name: How Online Casinos are attracting to Women?
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 07/10/2019
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