Learn the differences between roulette wheels

The game of Roulette is very exciting to play. Hearts stop before the rolling of the ball stops on the wheel. But, what if your winnings are being altered by factors other than luck and thrill.

The type of wheel you choose to play is one such factor.

There are basically three types of Roulette wheels.

  • American Roulette wheel
  • European Roulette wheel
  • French Roulette wheel

Based on two different categories, the types of wheels can be differentiated and be better understood.

Learn the differences between roulette wheels

Rules and odds

The American Roulette wheel consists of 38 slots, which include numbers (1 – 36) and two slots for zeros – one with a single zero and another with a double zero. The presence of this extra double zero slot makes American Roulette wheel a higher house edged game. It has a house edge of 5.26% which is significantly high when it is played multiple times.

The European Roulette wheel and the French Wheel are similar and consist of 37 numbers with a zero slot included. The absence of the 38th number makes it a customer favouring wheel setup. It offers a house edge of 2.7%.

However, if both these wheels are really so similar then what keeps the two separated. The French Roulette wheel has a rule “La Partage” applied to it which distinguishes it from the European wheel.

The La Partage rule states that every even bet when the ball lands on the zero of the wheel, the loss amount should be halved. Cutting short the loss also halves the house edge of the French Roulette. The house edge of French Roulette wheel is as low as 1.35% making it the most preferable Roulette wheel in terms of low-risk percentage.

However, a similar rule can be found to be applied in the American Roulette wheel also, with the name of “Surrender” rule. This rule is difficult to be found because not many casinos prefer it.


The layout of the Roulette wheel is an enormously important aspect of the game. The pattern in which the numbers are paved in the wheel decide how fortunate are you going to be. When it comes to layout, here also, the American wheel differs from the European and the French wheel. The French wheel and the European wheel have the same setup.

The difference between the two is not just in the number of numbers but also in the pattern they are paved in.

European and French wheel

These wheels have a single zero setup with red and black colour painted slots alternately. The zero slot is painted in green. No two consecutive slot has the same colour. The number pattern of French and European wheel goes like this:


American wheel

The American wheel has two zero slots, a single-zero and a double-zero. Both the zero slots are painted in green are opposite to each other. No consecutive slots have the same colour painted. The number wheel in American Roulette goes like this :



The difference in the wheel arrangement can change the ball landing completely and may end up changing your fate.


The differences in these different wheels give you a chance to decide your fortune and make the most of this gambling game, Roulette. The differences like a single zero slot and double zero slots bring significant changes to the way the game can be played. The rules that come with it mount up the difference between them and change your destiny at the end of the day.

Now that you know all the elementary and the prominent differences between the wheels, you might have a better idea of which Roulette game to go for according to the conditions put forth by the casino.


Name: Learn the differences between roulette wheels
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 15/08/2019
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