Some Roulette Terminologies You Should Know

Whether you are a seasoned casino player or a new player, there are a number of roulette terms to be interpreted and understood in order to play the game well. Hence, we, at Live Roulette Info, aim at offering you with all the necessary guidance relating to Live table games, casino bonuses and all the important roulette terms which can be of great help to you while playing the roulette game in the near future.


Basically, the terminologies are similar in both offline as well as online Live Roulette. Let us take a look at all the popular terms used in the game:

Action players: Action players are those who constantly bet a big sum of amount.

Backtrack: Also referred to as the ball-track, backtrack refers to the rim outside the wheel where the roulette ball in spun.

Bankroll: Bankroll refers to the total amount of money a player keeps aside to play the casino games.

Black action: It is regarded as black cation when the players bet with black $100 chips.

Cage: A place which is designated for the casino players where they cash out their chips.

Corner bet: A bet placed with an assumption that one of the four chosen numbers will win.

Double up a bet: It is termed as a double bet when the player increases his bet by two after a loss and decrease a bet by one after a win.

Dozen bet: This refers to betting on any one of the 12 sequences on the game layout.

Drop: The term ‘Drop’ is used to describe the total amount of money cashed at the gaming table.

Even bet: This involves betting on even numbers on the next spin which include 2, 6, 8, and 10.

Fair game: It is a game where neither the casino nor the players have an edge. Do keep in mind that roulette is not a fair game, the casino has an edge.

Flat bettor: A player who bets the same unit or size each time.

Gaffed wheel: A wheel which is equipped by either the casino or the player.

Grind system: A system where the players increase one unit after every win.

Hot table: A term used when the player is winning more than the casino.

Inside bet: Bet made on the numbered portion of the roulette layout.

Money at risk: The sum which is wagered all at once.

No action: No action is when the bets cancelled and the casino repeats the game action from the beginning. The bets can be removed after no action is called.

Odd bet: This includes betting the next number in the layout which is odd and this bet pays out 2-1.

Outside bets: This involves wagering on the outside of the felt layout. In other words, the bet is placed with credence that the next spin will be odd.

Pit: This refers to the area where the casino games are played.

Positive progression: A system where the player increases his bets after a win.

Red bet: It is an outside bet that pays 2-1 and involves wagering that the next spin will land red.

Six number bet: This involves betting on the line.

Stack: It is 20 roulette chips stacked on one another.

Straight up bet: This involves betting on the inside, on only one particular number.

True odds: The exact probability of a certain outcome.

Wheel chips: The chips that are used on roulette tables. Well, remember that it is important to get yourself acquainted with the terms mentioned above as knowing these terms will enable you to have an extraordinary iGaming experience.


Name: Some Roulette Terminologies You Should Know
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 14/02/2019
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