The Advantages of Flat betting system in Online Roulette

There is nothing that can beat the popularity of the Roulette game which is commonly found at the land as well as online casinos. The game which was originally designed by French inventor Blaise Pascal while he was trying to invent the perpetual motion machine in the 17th century.

The basic Online Roulette game involves a wheel revolving on a circular base, which is divided into 37 or 38 compartments depending on the variation of the game played. A ball which spins in the opposite direction of the wheel before landing in one of the compartments is one of the important elements of the game.

Roulette is a game of luck, despite which a few strategies players can use strategies to increase the odds of winning but in no way control the outcomes of the online Roulette game.


Playing Roulette

The essence of the online Roulette game is to predict the number into which compartment the ball will land after spinning in the outer rim of the wheel. Players get to place bets on the outcomes by placing chips on the table layout until the dealer calls to stop betting.


American Roulette – This form of the Roulette game contains an extra compartment for double zero.

European Roulette – It accommodates only a single zero compartment.

French Roulette – It is similar to the European variation except for the fact that it has the La Partage rule which gives back the player half of the bet amount.

Betting in Roulette

The Bets in the online Roulette game fall into two broad categories namely inside bets and outside bets which are further divided into many subcategories. The players can bet on single numbers or combination of numbers such as odd or even numbers and many others.

Betting Strategies

Though the Roulette game is dependent on luck, players can choose to play with the use of strategies, which can increase the odds of winning. Some of the notable ones are The Martingale strategy, Labouchere strategy, The D’Alembert strategy, The Fibonacci strategies and similar other ones.

The Flat betting strategy

This is the simplest of all the types of betting and involves placing the same bet over and over, which does not depend on any mathematical formulas. It is one among the three distinguishable betting systems for Roulette, the other two being the ones based on positive betting progression and those based on negative betting progressions.

The flat betting method is best for the players who make outside bets paying out even money. It is improbable that a player will break the bank using this method of betting. However, this can reduce the players’ losses and turn a profit without taking an unwanted risk.

The strategy is all about minimizing the risk of failure and containing the temptation to increase the stakes and protection against big losses.

Advantages of Flat betting

The strategy lets players control their risk, as against progressive systems which require a larger bet often to land a small profit.

Since the strategy is quite simple it is ideal for the beginners as the odds against them are smaller in size and the likelihood of ending up with a profit is higher.

The other notable takeaway is that it does not need any forward planning while allowing to bet on many numbers at once.

The best part of flat bets is that there are absolutely no limits on what players can bet on.

This betting system is in line with the gaming norm to bet only the money the players can afford to lose.


The flat betting strategy is also known as non-progressive betting strategies and makes use of sequences of numbers and statistics to predict the outcomes of Roulette games. The size of the bet does not change, unlike the progressive betting systems where the size of wagers keep increasing as the game progresses.


It is advisable for players to choose a roulette game with the lowest possible house edge. They should desirably determine their bankroll in advance along with the types of wagers they are planning to place early in the game.

That apart, players are expected to know the rules of the game, payouts for different types of bets and ways of managing money before placing bets.


Name: The Advantages of Flat betting system in Online Roulette
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 21/03/2019
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