The Basic Components Of Fast Double Bet

A fast double bet is one of the simplest types of bets used in bettings, where two bets are made, and if the first win, the winning outcome is taken forward and used as a stake for the second. This type of betting is especially popular among single bettors who have higher success rates and like to enhance their winning odds. However, with the possibilities of higher returns, there is also an increased risk in losing the entire bet all at once. The double bets are often employed in sports bettings like football and horse racing because of its endless list of excellent match fixtures.

The Basic Components Of Fast Double Bet

The basic concept of the system

This betting system is nearly comparable to the traditional type of betting system called Parlay bet, where you merge multiple individual bets (typically 2-10) into one lot or card. The main feature of this bet is that it is flexible to use, and the basic concept of this bet is to win higher rewards for every turn. Casino players can utilise double bet as the base system for Roulette games, where they can use it even for the smallest units of profit.

How does fast double bet work?

When players choose to employ the fast double bet, they must bet on three even chances using three separate banks. Which means, one even chance equals to one bank. In other words, the system is only applicable to even money bets, wherein, the payout is 1:1. For better understanding, here is an example –

The player bets one unit in the first spin, and if he/she wins the round, one unit is gained.

Next, the player takes the two winning amount to the next round and adds one more unit from the three even chances, which makes it a total of three betting units. So, if the player succeeds again, the winning total will become six.

For the final spin, the player bets the whole six winning totals which were previously won and includes the last unit. If the player wins yet again, the total gain will be 14.

Following the third spin, the player will go back to square one and start betting again. Note that, the player needs to win three consecutive bets and earn 14 units to succeed the fast double bet. Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, the player has only a bet with a total of three units using his own money. This system is also applicable on other even chance bets like Red/Black, High/Low, and Odd/Even.

What happens when the player goes on a losing streak?

In the cases when things get out of hand, and the luck is not on the player’s side, the only way to get out of it is to make a total u-turn on the system. If the player is on a losing streak and has lost more than 20 units, this betting unit pattern can be used –

First spin = 2 unit bet

Second spin = 6 unit bet

Third spin = 14 unit bet

So, in short, the unit value is multiplied. In another circumstance, if the losing streak continues more than 20 rounds, the player is only required to increase the value of all the bets again. Which means, the first spin will be worth 4 unit bet. When the player recovers the lost amount or the initial bankroll, he/she can return to square one with the initial stake values and start betting again.

In conclusion, a fast double bet is a lot riskier when compared to single bets because in the former system, if you lose, you lose everything at once. This is the sole reason why players contemplate on using this system. But for those who often succeed at double betting, this system can be their ultimate strategy to gain profits at a faster rate.


Name: The Basic Components Of Fast Double Bet
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 02/09/2019
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