The Key Elements of Live Roulette

With a tremendous advancement in technology, the online gambling industry has been immensely successful in introducing Live casino games where the players can indulge in playing their favourite table games in real-time, from the comforts of their home, instantly. The players residing in different parts of the world get a chance to explore a diverse collection of online games offered by the top mobile casinos and Live casinos as well. They can also test their luck while enjoying an authentic online betting experience.

The Live casinos aim at providing the players with a realistic gaming experience by offering a wide range of Live table games like Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and Live Poker. And this is indeed the sole reason as to why the Live casinos have gained popularity over the years. But well, there are certain key elements which make the Live streaming on online casino games realistic and entertaining at the same time. They are as under:


Live dealer

In Live Roulette, the Live dealers are in charge of spinning the wheel in the opposite direction to the ball. Their job is to interact with the players which makes the game more exciting. If the players need assistance or have any questions, they can chat with the Live dealer through Live Chat.


The monitor is certainly the most important key element as it helps both the players as well as dealers to keep a track about the game being played. The Live dealers use the monitor to see the number of players who have joined the game and follow the bets they have placed. Online gamblers, on the other hand, use the monitor to see when they can place their bets on the table and when they are closed.

Web Cameras

Cameras are certainly one of the key aspects which play a crucial role in streaming the Live casino games. The players can clearly witness the roulette ball rolling in the gaming screen instantly. This is possible only because of the cameras installed in the Live casino studio or room. The majority of Live casino studios makes use of at least three cameras which allow the players to have a better look at the game and watch the gameplay from multiple angles.

Wheel and Table

The wheel and table are important components in streaming the Live casino games especially Live roulette. Both wheels and tables are provided with sensors which help to convert the results of every round into data that can be seen by the casino players. The table and wheels at the Live Casinos are identical to those used in land-based casinos.

Game Control Unit

The Game Control Unit is undoubtedly the most important key element as it aims to completely digitize the game video which is being broadcasted.

How is Live Roulette Played?

The following steps mentioned below describe how Live roulette is played in a Live casino.

  • The Live dealer is focussed via the camera as the players need to interact with their respective Live dealers for initiating the bets.
  • The betting process is then initiated and all the players place their bets.
  • After the bets are placed by the players, the roulette wheel is then rotated and the spinning of the roulette wheel can be seen by the players via their computer screen.
  • The Live dealer makes an announcement of “no more bets”. This command of the Live dealer is recognized by the software and all the betting options are automatically closed.
  • The roulette ball settles somewhere on the roulette wheel and with the help of the OCR technology the winning number is determined and later transmitted to the gaming software.

This software processes as to who among the players have scored gains and who have registered losses in just milliseconds. The server then transmits this information directly to the players’ monitor.


Name: The Key Elements of Live Roulette
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 09/02/2019
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