The Labouchere System – Its implication and analysis

The Labouchere strategy is one of the most complicated betting systems. It is also known under several other names, including the Cancellation System, the American Progression System, and the Split Martingale System. No matter that it is considered a lot more difficult in comparison to some other strategies, the Labouchere system is still one of the most popular and commonly-used systems by players all over the world.

This is a similar principle to the Martingale, another negative progression system, but the Labouchere does not attempt to recover all previous losses with one single win. Instead, it tries to recover losses with multiple wins.

It was designed to be used at the Live Roulette games, specifically the even-money outside bets such as red or black, or odd or even. It can be used with any even money proposition though, including other casino games such as Blackjack and Baccarat. Sports betting is an option as well.

The Labouchere System - Its implication and analysis

The strategy

The player will then start to play at the table by betting an amount that is equal to the first and last numbers in the sequence added together. If the bet is successful then, the player will cross the two numbers used off their list and move on to the next two numbers that are first and last in the sequence. If the bet is unsuccessful then, the player will add the amount bet to the end of the sequence of numbers and then proceed with the next bet where they will once again choose the first and last number of the new sequence, add them together, and bet that amount.

This process will continue until the player completes their list by erasing all the numbers on the list. Theoretically, the player will require a win percentage of 33.34% to eradicate every number of the list and complete their strategy.

This is the very essence of the main idea of the Labouchere. Also, the fact that the stakes are not boosted rapidly is one of the main reasons why the strategy is among the most-preferred ones not only for top Live Roulette casinos but for several other casino games as well.

Will it work

Labouchere system can return a profit through Live Roulette bonuses than you lose, some believe it works. Indeed, you can make money using this system if you manage to avoid going on a lengthy losing streak. The problem is that there is never any guarantee that you won’t go on a lengthy losing streak. It’s quite likely that you will if you play often enough or for long enough.

By increasing your stakes after every loss, a losing streak can result in the required stake getting too high. You may not have sufficient funds, and even with a huge bankroll there are betting limits to consider. One way or other there will come a time when you cannot make a bet at the required stake. Reaching this point will almost certainly cost any profits you have ever made previously with the system, and possibly a great deal more too.


The Labouchere System is undoubtedly the one strategy that encourages players to remain disciplined and also ensure that the enjoyment of the table is not lost during the practice of the strategy.

Also, the strategy is considered as one of the most flexible ones, as the players themselves can choose the sequence of numbers to play as a bet.

This makes the initial betting sequence adjustable, which automatically means that players can also adjust the levels of risk and reward, respectively.


Probably the largest disadvantage of the Labouchere betting system is the fact that there is no guarantee that the house edge will be overcome. Still, this negative progression system will help players at least minimise the house advantage and generate a winning that could cover up the losses.

Some players do not take losing several bets in a row as a problem. This is exactly why they prefer the Labouchere system, with the idea of generating a larger win to compensate for the losses and even a bit more.

Reverse Labouchere system

There is also a subsidiary version of the Labouchere System and this is simply called the Reverse Labouchere System. Instead of deleting two numbers from the sequence after a win, the player will add the bet amount to the sequence after a successful bet. Then, when experiencing an unsuccessful bet, the player will delete the two numbers from the sequence of numbers. The player can then start their sequence again if they run out of numbers and wish to continue betting.

The Reverse Labouchere System is often used because this will encourage disciplined play to avoid the player from becoming sucked into placing bets that he cannot afford if the unsuccessful bets outweigh the successful bets and amount to the player ending up with an overall loss.

The Labouchere System might not deliver positive results every time but it provides a very solid base for players to have the best opportunity to win at the table.


Name: The Labouchere System – Its implication and analysis
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 23/09/2019
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