The Top Ancient Casinos: Here’s the list

The age of casinos dates back to the 17th century when the first known casino was established. Since then, many casinos have been established and shut down. However, some of the ancient casinos have dealt with all the evolution in the casino world and have gone through the wrath and tears of time. These casinos have proven their stronghold on the business and emerged as the top ancient casinos of the world. Here is the list of Top Ancient Casinos that are still running the marathon without any signs of tiredness.


Casino di Venezia

Casino di Venezia, established in the year 1638, is the first known casino in the world. In the modern-day, casinos situated in cities like Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are the most talked about. But it was the Italian city of San Moise where it all started. The oldest casino, which still stands strong in the casino world after going through ups and downs, was not even meant to be a casino. It was first built as a residence for the elite class of Venice. However, almost a hundred years later from the year 1509 when it was actually built, this elite residence was turned into a casino.

The journey of keeping alive the oldest casino in the world was full of rocks and roses. The casino was closed in the year 1774 when gambling problem was detected in the elites’ gambling habits. The addiction stirred controversy and the Gran Council, the then authority board of this casino came up with the decision to close the casino for the sake of preserving modesty and dealing with gambling problem.

However, the fire it has set among the people kept burning and the people did not lose their interest in playing games. As a result, the casino was reopened in the year 1959 in Caranreggio in Venice. The ancient casino offers classic games like roulette, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, Chemin de Fer, Texas Hold’em, Trente et Quarante and over 600 slot machine games along with its unmatched antique aura.

Casino de Monte Carlo

This ancient casino was constructed in the year 1856 and is situated in the city of Monte Carlo, Monaco. The casino is one of the most-famous of casinos of the world. The casino got its fame owing to a number of films like Ocean’s Twelve, Casino Royale and Goldeneye in which the casino has been featured. Who can forget the famous poker game shown in the James Bond ‘Casino Royale’.

What makes the casino exceptionally lavish are its huge concert halls, cafes, restaurant and theatre it included in itself. A casino with all the elements of entertainment was destined to be successful. The casino still runs excessively and has games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Baccarat, Chemin Fer, Punto Banco, Slots and many other classic casino games.

Golden Gate Casino

This casino situated in the heart of Las Vegas is allegedly the oldest casino in the town. Golden Gate Casino was constructed on the base of an already-running Hotel Nevada in the year 1906. The then owner of the casino and the hotel, John F. Miller, saw the potential of success at a location on the corner of Main and Fremont Streets.

The hotel in which the casino is included has now become one of the top luxury hotels in the city. The traditional style blended with the modern luxuries is what segregates this casino-cum-hotel from others. The casino section has been functional ever since it was inaugurated. The games offered by the casino have evolved with time, alluring casino lovers to come and have the live casino experience of a lifetime. The casino table games offered are blackjack, roulette, craps along with modern casino inclusions like 3-card poker and Let it Ride. The casino is a specialist in roulette, making it eligible for another list of the top live roulette casinos.


All in all, the ancient casinos are the founders of all modern-day casinos. The antique ambience and gaming experience they have been delivering to their customers are, hence, unmatched.


Name: The Top Ancient Casinos: Here’s the list
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 22/08/2019
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