The use of concierge apps in casinos

With the advancement in technology, the gambling industry is undergoing a major reformation. One of the best casino apps which are taking a major contribution to the success of online casinos is a concierge.

These days, people spend most of their time on smartphones and companies offer them services via apps. Concierge makes it easy to offer services to customers.

Read more to know how casinos use these kinds of applications to offer better services.

The use of concierge apps in casinos

What are the concierge apps?

Concierge apps are mobile apps that allow you to request different kinds of services from your mobile phone. The three most common types of concierge apps are personal assistant concierge apps, travel agent concierge apps and hotel receptionist concierge apps. This technology is used in various sectors such as retail, banking, hospitality and public health. It allows casinos to provide information to customers, advertise services and allow the top live roulette casinos to conduct their own live stream.

Role of concierge apps

These apps put the best online casinos in a position of even more power than they already are. Their customers don’t even have to leave the comfort of their gaming floor or the hotel room. Players are able to explore the nearby area of the casino and make reservations for dinner. They can also enjoy promotions and live roulette bonuses.

Using on-demand facilities in concierge platform is indeed something to get excited about. Apps like Alice allow players to order drinks on their table. Using the tactic, casinos expect to evaluate the gambler’s mood and receive favourable reviews from them. In some casino studios, guests are sent their room keys by generating a unique UR code. All they have to do is flash the code in front of the scanner and the door will be unlocked.

Casinos using similar apps

Online casinos thrive to remain ahead in the competition by adopting new technologies and offering players blackjack, baccarat and live roulette games. Specialized companies in this sector provide apps like Control4. These apps are designed as per the requirement and can control the majority of amenities within the casino. They allow users to open and draw the curtains, control temperature and order services.

Some apps even allow you to schedule wake-up calls, pay for your meals, book entrance to shows and hold your place in line at the nightclub! As each casino has its own separate app, you need to download the app every time you visit a new casino. The individual apps allow them to display their own content and better target their offers to different clients. A shared app cannot perform this action.

It’s a cost-effective alternative to the traditional way. With these apps, casinos don’t have to spend money on salaries of people who receive and process concierge requests. Casinos establish certain standards of service and can stick with them no matter what. Concierge apps collect and analyse the customer’s data. This is used to predict the player’s choices and maximizing revenue by increasing the loyalty of their brand.


Concierge apps are believed to transform the gambling industry and now we can witness the first stage of this process. At the moment, these apps are only used by the big providers. This app technology sounds good, but it also poses the question as to how much it would cost. This kind of technical sophistication is very expensive and it can take a long time to perfect all of it uses. Resources, funds, design, testing, time and regular feature upgrades – are all necessities that need to be taken into account before it can be fully put into practice.


Name: The use of concierge apps in casinos
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 03/10/2019
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