What does the Hollandish betting system comprise of?

The Hollandish betting system is a betting strategy used in Roulette casino games. This approach is another example of negative progression betting systems where you multiply your stakes every time you lose a bet.

What does the Hollandish betting system comprise of?

What is the strategy of Hollandish?

The basic approach of this betting system is to make three spins known as the ‘Hollandish Block’, which is referred to its outcome that will help determine how much you must bet next. In the three consistent spins, the betting value remains the same and will only multiply or decrease the amount on the next block. But again, that will depend on the outcome of the previous block.

The Progression in Hollandish betting system

When it comes to Hollandish progression, it is simple and easy to follow. As explained earlier, this strategy requires players to either increase or decrease their betting values once every three spins depending on the outcome. So, the betting value increases based on the initial wagering amount. For instance, if your initial betting value is £1, then, your progression should be increased by two times, such as £3, £5, £7, £9…and so forth. If your initial betting amount is £2, the progression should be increased by four times like £2, £6, £10, £14, £18…and so forth.

While this progression may seem very simple to some, we must understand that the Hollandish’s is different from other progressive systems like the Martingale. While the other progressive methods focus on only a single betting at a time, the Hollandish uses no less than three bets on every stage. If you’re on a winning streak, you can always return to the square one of the progression sequence. Here is an example-

You start off the game by picking any of the even chance (one of the two central colours on the roulette wheel) and take the first progression sequence by betting your amount three times or more. Let’s take the black portion on the Roulette wheel as your even chance, and bet $1 three times. If you win two or all of the bets, then it will be a win on your side, which you will then have to start betting $1 again for another three times. But, if you lose the bet, you are then required to move up to the next step, which is betting $3 after every three spins, then bet $5 on the next loss. Like that, the Hollandish betting system progresses throughout the betting session. The progression will go on until you’re in plus again, which then, you need to return to the beginning and start again.

What is the advantage of the Hollandish betting system?

The highest advantage of the Hollandish betting system is its relatively slow progression and the fact that you don’t need more wins than losses to make profits. However, to retrieve your original bankroll, you will need to win several times, which can be rather challenging to accomplish. Having a slow progression rate will also take longer to reach the betting table limit when compared to other types of betting strategies.

How to manage your money in the Hollandish strategy?

When it comes to money management in gambling, there is one standard step for every gambler – to set your bankroll. Even in the Hollandish betting system, establishing your bankroll is crucial before starting the game. Your bankroll should be only of the amount which you can sustain, and not more than that. Along with the bankroll, it is another bonus if you have specific parameters set in mind to apply in the course of the progression. For instance, if you come to a point where you have to bet $20 per spin, then you may choose to discontinue and start again. This will help you stay within your bankroll limit and prevent yourself from paying extra money. Another tip to keep in mind is to avoid spending all your bankroll in one progression. This is fairly a stupid mistake, and your gaming session will come to an end within a few minutes.


Name: What does the Hollandish betting system comprise of?
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 05/09/2019
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