What is Roulette Inside bets?

Roulette is one of the classic types of casino games which is also popular in online casinos. Over the years, the popularity of Live Roulette has increased amongst the online casino players, where the live game is strikingly similar to that of the land-based Roulette. There are several Roulette strategies that players can employ when playing this game variant. This game is all about bettings, where players can choose any type of odds from a wide range of Roulette bets.


Generally, the kinds of bets are divided into two categories – Outside bets and Inside bets. Outside bets refer to all the odds that are outside the central area of numbers on the Roulette table, while the Inside odds are the opposite. The odds that players place in the middle section of the betting layout on the range of numbers is called Inside bets. The Inside bets can be placed either on a single number or combination numbers.

Usually, Inside bets are considered riskier than the Outside bets, because the chances of winning with such wagers are smaller. To understand in details, let’s delve further into the various types of Roulette Inside bets.

Straight Up bets

This type of bet is popularly used in Roulette strategy where the odds are placed on a single number on the Roulette table. In this bet, players are required to place one or more chips on any number varying from 1 to 36 without touching the border of the chosen number. If the player wins the bet, they are rewarded with 35 chips and also get to keep their initial bet. This means that, if a player wagers £2 on number 7 and wins, he/she will be rewarded with £37 – The original bet amount + the net profit of £35.

Split bets

The next type of Inside bet that is common in the Roulette strategy is the Split bet. This bet is used for a combination bet when the chip lands on two adjacent numbers on the Roulette table. When players place this bet, they must try to get their chip on the two adjoining numbers which they have chosen beforehand. The payout of this type of bet is £17. So, in case the player wins on wagering £2, he/she will win a total of £19.

Street bets

This bet is another type of combination bet, also known as the Row bet because it needs to cover three numbers consecutively for the player to win. For this bet, players are required to place one or more chips on the line nearest to the first number in the row. The payout of this bet is £11, so if the player wins on a wagering unit of £1, the total win would be £12.

Square or Corner bets

Yet another type of combination bet, the Corner bet is used in Roulette strategy which requires the players to cover four numbers that form a square shape. To use this bet, the players need to make a chip or a stack of chips land in the exact centre where the four numbers intersect. The payout of this bet is 8, so, if the player wins after wagering £1, he/she will get a total of £9.

Line or Quint bets

This type of betting requires the chip to land on six consecutive numbers on the Roulette table. It is another favourite type of betting used in the Roulette strategy. It is also called the Double Street bets because it allows players to wager on two back-to-back rows. For the Line bet to be efficient, the players need to place one or more chips at the intersection between the two rows. The payout of this bet is 5. If the player wins the game after wagering £10, he/she will get a total of £15.

Five Number bets

The last type of Inside bet is five number bets, also known as Sucker or Basket bet. This bet can be used only in American Roulette table where there is single zero and double zero openings, which is why this bet is the least favourite of all. In this combination bet, a player needs to cover five consecutive numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) with a single chip. The chip should land on the line between the two 0s and 1, 2, 3, after which the player will receive a payout rate of £6 along with the initial wagering cost.


Name: What is Roulette Inside bets?
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 28/06/2019
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