What you need to know about Visual Tracking in Roulette

Normally, the top mobile casinos have an advantage of 1.35% to 5.3% (depends on the casino). If you are planning on visiting the casino to play Roulette for quite some time, your luck will surely run out after a point of time. Here, you can enhance your chances of winning with the help of Visual Tracking.


What is a visual tracking in Roulette?

Visual tracking has been used in casinos since the introduction of Roulette games. It can be used in Live Roulette games as well. The player has to keep an eye on the ball to determine which side of the wheel the ball will land in. It is a difficult task to master and takes a lot of concentration and focus. The purpose is to determine the position of the wheel where the ball will likely come to rest.

How to do visual tracking?

You need to follow certain aspects of Visual tracking to become good at it. Finding these aspects at a place can be difficult for beginners. At first, you need to check the wheel properly. It is better to choose a wheel where the ball rolls at a particular zone regularly. The ball needs to spin well on the outer track before coming to a rest. Next, make sure that the wheel you choose bounces the ball less before landing. Third, choose a croupier who spins the ball at the same pace.

Most of the times in American roulettes, the ball head spins in a clockwise direction and the wheel spins in the opposite direction. The ball is spun counterclockwise if the roulette table is left handed. Sometimes the dealer changes the spin after every spin. If you are a beginner, you should abstain from, Visual tracking in these situations. Take a reference point like the single zero on the wheel. The player needs to eye follow the reference point when the wheel is rotating. The tracker needs to keep a track on the position of the ball. The ball will seem like a white blur every time it passes the reference point. It is better to track the single zero, rather than the ball. The purpose is to check out how many revolutions the roulette wheel has made.

Good Conditions for visual tracking

  • If you have a partner nearby who can act as the tracker, then you should team up immediately. The associate tracker needs to stand back right next to the dealer. The person who is placing the bet might not be in a good position to track. The best place to track a game is to stand next to the last seat.
  • The ball should drop at a particular zone repetitively and at least half of the time.
  • If the dealer maintains a stable rotation and spins the ball fast, then it is good for visual tracking.
  • Check out for an older model of the Roulette table. The ball track should be old fashioned.

Visual tracking is easier to say than done. It takes a lot of patience and undivided attention to perform the task at hand. Moreover. The player needs to have perfect visual acuity to become a professional in this department. Nevertheless, it is a totally legal process, and you can become good at it with a little bit of practice.


Name: What you need to know about Visual Tracking in Roulette
Author: Stephanie Regan
Published Date: 04/02/2019
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